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The Thrive Through Cancer Formula will help you....

✔️Improve your child's ANC

✔️Reduce the side effects they are experiencing

✔️Minimize the need for hospital stays

…without medication, forcing your child to eat something they don’t want, interfering with your doctor’s protocol or breaking the bank!

Meet Season.

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Founder of the Thrive Through Cancer, & Founder of The KICKcancER Movement

Hi there! I'm so excited you're interested in joining me. I’m a cancer momma who went from having one child with cancer to having thousands all over the world. After my son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two, we went through a 3.5 year cancer battle that included daily chemotherapy and hundreds of surgeries. This propelled me with an unstoppable mission to help other parents help their child thrive through a cancer diagnosis using real food, supplementation, detoxification, and cleaning up their environment. I want to help you have hope in your child's healing, remind you that your child can feel well while fighting cancer and ultimately, they can thrive through cancer!

XOXO, Season

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